News from Sierra Leone Part 3

World In Need works in Sierra Leone through our partners, Adullam Ministries, a Christian organisation.

Adullam have acquired five acres of land in Makeni. They also have land in the town of Kono. In both places, the land is used to grow potatoes and cassava, which are main ingredients in the country’s staple diet.

In Kono, rice is also grown.

It is hoped that this agricultural project will grow until it becomes self-sustaining. Once they reach that point, some of the surplus produce will be used to set up a feeding programme for the children in the schools which we support in Makeni, Kailahun and Wellington, ensuring that every child gets a good meal each day. The rest of the surplus produce will be sold to cover the costs of the Adullam Ministries.

If you’d like to help us buy seed and equipment for the agricultural projects, you can do so by contacting us at, or by phone on 01892 669875