Shedding pounds for pounds for World In Need

It’s a sad fact that, when it comes to resources such as food, while some have very little, others have more than enough. Children in countries such as Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) often come to school starving, but in the UK very few people can say the same.

One person who admits she has taken more than her share over the years is Hilary Mackelden. A combination of eating too much, and disabilities which restrict her mobility and ability to exercise has left Hilary feeling larger than she wants to be. Now, with a significant birthday just one year away, she’s decided it’s time to do something about it.

Last week, Hilary joined Slimming World and, with their help, she hopes to lose at least two stones (28 pounds) by Christmas 2018. More would be good, but two stones is a start.

At the same time, she’s decided to use her weight loss journey to help children at two World In Need supported schools: the Nancy George Academy in Soy, Kenya, and the Asdig school near Goma in the DRC. These two schools run a feeding programme, ensuring all the children get two square meals a day.

£5 gives TWO children a nutritious meal, EVERY DAY for a month.

Hilary hopes to raise £10 for every pound she loses up to two stones. That comes to £280 – enough to feed 112 children every day, for a whole month!

To support her in her efforts, or to follow her progress with her short daily updates, please click here.

QUICK UPDATE: Hilary had her first weigh in and lost an incredible nine pounds!