Ways you can help World In Need change lives

There are many ways you can help World In Need to help change lives.

For instance, did you know we collect clothes, shoes, handbags and belts to raisecash to further our work?

That outfit you’ll never wear again could help us feed children who come to school hungry, or build a well so that the residents of a rural village don’t have to trek for miles over rough terrain carrying heavy containers of water.

The shoes you’ve outgrown could be used to raise funds to build or equip a school, or to help us treat recovering addicts at the drug rehabilitation centre in southern Thailand.

And your unwanted handbag can support our women’s projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo. There, we have both an agricultural co-operative and a tailoring school, both of which help women, traumatised and damaged by rape during the war, to heal and rebuild their lives.

Contributing is easy. If you live in Crowborough, Rotherfield or Maresfield, you can bring the clothes, etc., either to the World In Need office, or to one of our collection bins. These can be found at the car park in Maresfield, the Village Hall car park in Rotherfield, the car park at the All Saints Chapel Green Halls, and outside the World In Need offices.