Mobile Phones and Inkjet Cartridges

More ways you can support the work of World In Need without breaking your bank.

Mobile Phones…

We all change our mobile phones from time to time, but did you know your old phone could help World In need change lives?

By donating your old phone, you can help us collect money which will go a long way to making life better for vulnerable people in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

For example, the cash we receive for your phone will help children in Sierra Leone to access an education that will make a world of difference to their future life chances.

To help us, simply bring your old mobile phone to the World In Need offices. All makes and models are gratefully received.

… and Inkjet cartridges

Inkjet cartridges can help us too. For these, we can send you a freepost envelope so you can post them direct to the recycling company. Each donated cartridge gives us £1 towards our work.

There is a list of the inkjet cartridges the recycling company accepts on their website: