Shedding pounds for pounds – update

Starting the diet.

On June 15th, Hilary Mackelden joined Slimming World. Her aim is to lose three stones (42 pounds) by Christmas 2018. Undoubtedly, this will do her health a great deal of good, to say nothing of her self esteem.

At the same time, she is raising money for the World In Need Children’s Feeding Programme, which currently runs at two World In Need supported schools: the Nancy George Academy in Soy, Kenya, and the Asdig school near Goma in the DR Congo.

Many of the children at these schools come from desperately poor families. It is not unusual for them to come to school having walked several kilometres, without having had breakfast to sustain them, simply because there is no food. They then return home to an evening of more hunger.

Malnourishment steals their health and their future. World In Need aims to

One stone down.

put a stop to this.

Our feeding programme enables us to give the children at the schools two nutritious meals each day. It costs just £5 to feed three children twice a day, EVERY day for a whole month!

So far, Hilary has lost one stone, 3.5 pounds. That’s 17.5 pounds in seven weeks. More than that, she has so far raised £140. That’s one third of her target total, and enough to feed a staggering 84 children, twice daily, every day for a month!

Well fed children grow up stronger and healthier. They’re better able to study, get higher grades and go on to more hopeful futures. If you’d like to help us ensure as many children as possible reap the rewards of regular eating, there are two ways to do it:

You can sponsor Hilary in her efforts, by visiting her JustGiving Page

Or you can pledge £5 a month to the Children’s Feeding programme. Simply call us on 01892 669834.