Imagine how you’d feel…

You work all the hours you can, but at the end of the week your wages are not enough to cover your living costs. You pay the rent to keep the roof over your head, and you buy the water you need from the nearest well.

Then you try to eke out the food you can afford to buy with what’s left. If your family eats just one meal a day, and provided nobody’s portion is too big, you might have enough to feed them an evening meal for three or even four days. On the other days, a dish of black tea will have to suffice.

But whether there’s a meal in the evening or not, one thing is certain: there is no breakfast. Your children have to walk the 3km to school, where they need to concentrate and work hard if they are ever going to reach their full potential, but they must do all of this with a hollow stomach.

Fortunately, for the 640 children attending the Nancy George Academy in Soy, Kenya, there is hope. These children will be given two nutritious meals during their school day, ensuring they don’t need to battle hunger and malnourishment.

It costs just £5 to feed three children twice daily, every day for a month, but with 640 children those costs do mount up. Would you be willing to help us?

You can call our office and set up a Standing Order, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll also send you an annual update on the programme and all it has achieved.