House of Victory: The Home of Hope

Catching fish in our lake

World In Need’s drug rehabilitation centre, the House of Victory, opened two years ago in southern Thailand. It was, and still is, the only Christian rehabilitation centre in the south of that country.

Addicts come here to recover, reset their lives and build their futures. They also get to know the Lord, Jesus Christ. They are taught to read and study the Bible, and spend time in worship as well as in counselling and therapy. They also work in the centre or the gardens surrounding it, growing vegetables and farming fish, working on small building jobs, etc.

There are plans for the future to teach them music and English, too.

Preparing food in our purpose built kitchen

Each addict pays 5,000 Thai Baht (£117) per month towards the cost of his treatment and living expenses, and one day we hope it will be completely self-sustaining.

The centre needs renovation work, and some alterations, but these cannot be done until the money for them has been raised.

This year, World In Need supporters will get the chance to help supply the needs of those at the centre, as part of our annual Alternative Christmas Gifts programme. With this, you buy a present for someone in need and you give it in the name of a family member or friend. The gifts are locally sourced to cut down on costs and on their carbon footprints, and World In Need sends you a card that you give to the person for whom you gave it. It’s a great way to spread the joy of Christmas even further.

The Alternative Christmas Gifts catalogue will be out next month. For Thailand, gifts on offer are:

·         Electric fans for the rooms (essential in such a hot, humid country). One of these will set you back £15

·         Bibles in both English and the local language at £10 each, and

·         Gifts for children in the desperately poor local community, which will cost you £5.

 For more information on Thailand, our work there, how you can help, or to order any of the gifts, you can phone our office on 01892 669834, or email We take all major credit cards, and PayPal.