Three children. Fed every day. All for £5?

Is it possible to feed three children a nutritious meal a day, every day, for £5 a month?

It is if you do it through World In Need’s Feeding Programme.

Through the Programme, children at the World In Need supported schools in Kenya and the DRC are able to eat a nutritious, hot and tasty meal each day. For some of them, this is the only food they’ll get that day.

Hunger is destructive. It causes physical problems, of course, stunting growth, affecting health. But it also has an impact on a child’s educational welfare. Hungry children can’t concentrate. Their memories are fuzzy and they don’t learn well. This has an impact on their exam results, which can mean the difference between the future they want, and the future they are forced to accept.

Over a year, £5 a month equates to £1.15 a week. Most of us can’t buy a cup of coffee for that. But we CAN feed three children, daily for the whole month.

How’s that for value?

If you’d like to know more, or to join the Programme, simply email, or phone our office on 01892 669834.