A little is enough to make a difference

When we see the poverty in this world, it can be tempting to despair. “What can I do?” we cry. “I’m not a billionaire. I don’t have the means to put an end to all the suffering.”

Well, no. You can’t end it all. No-one can. Not even Bill Gates or Warren Buffet have the means to end all of it. Even Jesus acknowledged this when he said, “the poor are with you always.”

But what each of us can do is alleviate some of the burden. If each person who had the means helped just one person in need, the difference would be phenomenal, and nobody would have to invest more than they could comfortably afford to achieve it.

It doesn’t take much to make that difference. For example, if someone can afford 72 pence a day, they could sponsor a child, allowing them to go to school and raising the quality of their lives, now and for the future.

72 pence a day, every day for a year, equates to twelve monthly payments of £22. In return for the chance you’re giving the child, you’ll receive updates about them, school reports, letters and pictures from them. You can build a relationship with them and, sometimes, it may even be possible for you to visit them. All for half the price of a daily cup of coffee in a café.

If 72p a day is too much, then how about our Children’s Feeding Programme. This costs the equivalent of just 16 pence every day for two children. That’s £5 per month, to feed two children who might not otherwise have anything to eat. With a diet including local staples such as beans, maize, lentils, rice, kale, cabbage and beef, the children are able to eat healthy, nutritious meals, making a huge difference to them, for one fifth the cost of a standard sized bag of crisps.

So, no. You may not have the means to eradicate world poverty. But you can help a little, and that’s enough.