Please remember World In Need in your prayers. In particular, this month we ask that you pray for:

Our representatives in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Philippines

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, there has been an outbreak of Ebola, which has caused 200 people to be ill. 125 people have died so far (figures from WHO as of 10th October 2018). Our representatives and the people they help are in the middle of the danger zone. Please pray that they are kept safe, that the outbreak is contained and brought under control, and that a cure and preventative is found for this dreadful disease.

In the Philippines, in September, Baguio City was hit by Typhoon Mangkhut, which was equivalent in power to the Category 5 hurricane Katrina, which all but destroyed New Orleans in 2005. Give thanks that the school we support suffered only minor damage and that nobody there was hurt. Pray that those who were affected by the storm will be able to recover quickly.