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£3,040 of £6,000 raised so far

Help build a church and school building in Bangladesh

After over 50 new conversions and baptisms in recent months we are looking to expand the work in this area.

There is also a huge need for children to be educated so we will be using the building to give an informal education to children to get them prepared for more formal schooling.

The building will also be used for community outreach events.

£2,138 of £4,000 raised so far

We need PPE and other supplies to make our school in Kenya Covid secure

The Kenyan Government has rightfully imposed strict restrictions on schools reopening.

Legally before our school opens we need:

Thermometer guns, re-usable facemasks for 500 children plus teachers, 300 litres of disinfectant per term, 500 litres of sanitiser for the term, additional hand washing facilities, additional bins for classrooms and additional school desks so the children can space out more!

£45,789 of £55,000 raised so far

Looking to donate to a Coronavirus charity?

There is real need across our global family in these incredibly difficult times. Almost all our projects are on ‘Lock down’ – our leaders are mainly church leaders whose income is based on tithes which have all stopped. Food is short, in some areas there is already social unrest.

We desperately need your help for water, cleaning materials, food and funds to help support our teams and to equip them to reach out to others in their community too.

£223 of £6,600 raised so far

Help our school stay open in the Philippines

WIN Philippines runs the 'Cypress Christian Foundation School' - due to Covid-19 they have lost many pupils and they are moving most of their lessons online.

With just 35 pupils left at the school they are struggling to cover costs and need help desperately.  They rent the premises which also houses Pastor Noel and his family and hosts the church service run by Pastor Noel on a Sunday.  We're trying to cover funds for the coming year, although ideally they would buy the site they are on which would cost £300,000

£2,690 of £9,900 raised so far

Help our orphanage in India survive the winter

Lockdown for our orphanage has been brutal, no-one allowed on or off-site.

Winter is fast approaching in the Punjab and our solar systems for heating the water are in desperate need of repair.

Our minibus has also broken, we were using public transport until Covid-19 hit us, now we need to replace the bus as public transport is sporadic and unsafe at best.

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