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Science & Computer Labs in Kenya

Changes in government policy means that our School, Nancy George Academy in western Kenya must now have science and computer laboratories. Construction has started, but due to the soaring prices of building materials, construction has had to stop.

The school needs help to finish the project so that we can meet government standards. Please help us get these projects finished.

Currently the children have to travel to neighbouring schools as Science and Computer lessons must now be carried out in dedicated laboratories for Junior Scondary students.

Failure to complete these projects will jeopardise the education of our current 41 Junior Scondary students, in addition to the future education of our Primary level children.

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Give a child a bed

The school, which is near the northern Ugandan city of Lira, not only provides essential education to some of the poorest children in the region, but also provides a place to sleep to save them having to travel large distances.

Currently the children do not have proper beds, the vast majority of children are sleeping on a simple mat on the dusty floors, with only a minority on old basic mattresses. In addition to this health risk, there is nowhere to hang mosquito nets, which increases their risk of malaria. Last year two pupils died of malaria.

A bed is not only a functional space for sleep, but is also gives each child their own space, a small place to call their own whilst staying at the school.

So, can you help us by buying a good sturdy bed, mattress and mosquito net for a child. Your £50 will help a child to sleep well whilst at school.

Thank you.

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Furniture for Children's Home

'Home Of The Champions' is a children's home for both boys and girls in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It currently provides a home for 22 children who have lost either one or both parents and their families are not able to look after them.

Our WIN Global Family member Pastor Alfred Biswas oversees a number of churches in Bangladesh and also The Home Of The Champions children's home. Alfred is in regular contact with the home and helps to raise awareness of this important work. His heart is to show the love of God to these vulnerable children.

World in Need Discipleship Course

The WIN Basic Discipleship Course has the potential to reach many people across Africa and Asia who need to hear the Good News of Jesus be discipled.

Our basic discipleship course is a 14 week course on Biblical truths covering Repentance, Salvation, How Do I love God, How do I love Others, Giving, Water Baptism, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Reading your Bible, How to Pray, Healing and What happens when I die?


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