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World in Need Discipleship Course

The WIN Discipleship Course has the potential to reach millions of people across Africa and Asia who need to hear the Gospel and be discipled.

Their eternal destiny rests on hearing and responding to the Gospel and all that stands between them and salvation is the funding to reach them.

Our discipleship course is a 14 week course on Biblical truths covering Repentance, Salvation, How Do I love God, How do I love Others, Tithing, Water Baptism, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Reading your Bible, How to Pray, Healing and What happens when I die?


£0 of £1,000 raised so far

Desks and Chairs for School

The children in Maranatha School in Uganda are achieving great results which are only limited by having to squeeze together and share desks, sometimes four to each desk that should seat one!

New chairs and desks are not expensive but would transform the children's learning and comfort at the school which in turn will enable them to get higher grades and progress to secondary school well.


£8,411 of £8,500 raised so far

Help support Ukrainian Refugees Fleeing to Poland

As the war against Ukraine by Russia continues, the largest refugee crisis in Europe since World War II is unfolding.  Over 1,000,000 Ukrainians have fled their country into Poland.

World in Need Poland are ideally placed to help.

£0 of £6,700 raised so far

Help build a church and school building in Bangladesh

After over 50 new conversions and baptisms in recent months we are looking to expand the work in this area.

There is also a huge need for children to be educated so we will be using the building to give an informal education to children to get them prepared for more formal schooling.

The building will also be used for community outreach events.

£120 of £2,800 raised so far

Support a House Parent to help our orphans

The WIN Orphanage in the Punjab is in desperate need to cover the cost of a House Parent for a year.

The House Parents provide day to day support for the children in the home and at the moment due to a shortage of funds we are unable to promise a good future and stability for this important position.

We need to ensure the highest quality applicants to the role and to do this we need to be able to guarantee a salary for a year.

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