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Classrooms for Sierra Leone

The Adullum Mission Preparatory School is a successful school, reaching out to the poorer childen in the community, in the Wellington district of Freetown, Sierra Leone. As a result they are running out of space. It is a city suburb school and so the only option is to build up. A couple of years ago Pastor Tamba started to build three more classrooms on the first floor, but the rising costs meant the project had to come to a halt.

When our CEO visited the School last year he saw first hand the great work that Tamba and the team are doing. In addition to the excellent education during term time, the school building is also used in the holidays to run Church conferences for young adults. They learn the importance of godly work ethic, integrity, wisdom and compassion - as they journey through life, relationships and business.

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School Desks & Chairs

A desk to work at and a chair to sit on are two of the most basic items that every school boy and girl should have to help them to learn well.

Nancy George Academy in Soy, western Kenya has over 400 pupils, but some of the older pupils do not have a desk or a chair that is appropriate to their age and size. Many of the desks are too small and cramped. In addition to this the benches that many of them use are not able to store their work.

Your gift of £40 can provide a much more appropriate and comfortable learning experience for the older children in Nancy George Academy.

World in Need Discipleship Course

The WIN Basic Discipleship Course has the potential to reach many people across Africa and Asia who need to hear the Good News of Jesus be discipled.

Our basic discipleship course is a 14 week course on Biblical truths covering Repentance, Salvation, How Do I love God, How do I love Others, Giving, Water Baptism, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Reading your Bible, How to Pray, Healing and What happens when I die?


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