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Sponsor a child… transform lives and communities

Imagine a world where your child is denied medical care, an education at a school, nourishing food and even a roof over their heads. Born into poverty, this is life for children all over the world. Our organisation and our sponsors bring transformation by working together to sponsor children born into communities bound by poverty and disadvantage.

Child Sponsors step into hopeless lives and transform boys and girls futures. You can give a child the chance to do the things our children take for granted – the gift to be a child again

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Waiting 12 months
DR Congo (Goma)
Olame's father abandoned his family to have another family and subsequently died in 2016. With no home of their own Olame and his family rely on the kindness of their friends. He shares a 2 bedroomed wooden home with his 2 younger sisters and brother
Waiting 12 months
DR Congo (Goma)
Pascaline shares a small wooden home with 11 members of her family. There are 2 bedrooms, no kitchen or or bathroom and no adjacent land to grow crops or keep livestock. Her widowed mother has a daily struggle to provide for the 10 children.
Waiting 51 months
Northern Uganda (Lira)
Joshua lives with his parents who struggle to feed and provide for their family. His father earns a small wage each day repairing bicycles. Joshua attends Jesus is the Way school, is studying hard and hopes on day to become a mechanical engineer.
Waiting 15 months
Central Uganda (Buikwe)
Eva lives with her parents ,her brother and sister Irene in a tiny 1-roomed, mud-walled home in a small village. Her mother, Agnes and father, Tito have irregular, poorly paid work and struggle to provide the daily needs of their family.
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Child in Jordan for Child Sponsorship Program

Sponsoring children makes a HUGE difference

Your monthly gift will help to provide so much:
  • A secure and sturdy home
  • An education to learn skills
  • Medical checks and treatment
  • The opportunity to grow and learn together in community
  • The knowledge that they are valued and special
  • Sponsoring can literally raise boys and girls out of poverty
  • Sponsors can visit their children in their communities
  • Our children write to those who are sponsoring them
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