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Phanice lived in rural Soy, in north west Kenya. Her father, a single parent, was a labourer and barely had enough money to feed his two children. He certainly couldn’t afford to send both of them to school.

A man in the village offered to take Phanice as a bride, reducing the burden on her family, and this looked set to be her fate until World In Need intervened.

We found sponsors for Phanice, which enabled her to stay with her family, enjoy her childhood and go to school. There, she quickly proved to be an exceptional student, coming top, not only of her class and school, but of all students in her region – some ten thousand children!

She won a scholarship to a prestigious secondary school in Nairobi, from where entry to university is guaranteed. It’s her ambition to become a doctor.

There are still too many children like Phanice used to be. Children such as 10 year old Sharon. Sharon’s father died, leaving her mother to bring up five children. It is a struggle, and school costs are a burden. If Sharon is to get the education she deserves, she needs a sponsor willing to give £22 a month. Could that be you?

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World In Need retains just 10% of all donations for administration costs. 90% is sent to the partner organisation in each country to support the sponsored child.