Our History

A journey of Faith and Blessing

Who are we?

World In Need was founded in 1991 and works with all who need Practical Mission, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or gender.

World in Need exists for ‘Practical Mission’. That is as disciples, we help the poor, the hungry and those in need of education. Having experienced this expression of God’s love we then give these people the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus, to know Him more and develop a relationship with Him as Lord and Saviour of their lives. Then we help them to be disciples who make disciples

World In Need is a global network of national initiatives. We work with impoverished families, orphans, refugees, handicapped, traumatised, slum and poor children from many countries including DRC, Kenya, Pakistan, India, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Philippines, Uganda and Bangladesh.

Our Strategy - We Aim for:

Discipleship of those we serve and strengthening the church amongst them. We believe that every man, woman and child that we serve should have the opportunity to hear the Gospel and enter into a relationship with Jesus, and be discipled on an ongoing basis in a local church.
Feeding the hungry and helping the poor. We serve those less fortunate than us with the knowledge that hidden amongst them are those that Jesus is calling to discipleship. We will invest in finding them by meeting their practical needs, showing them God’s love and telling them about Jesus.
Helping individuals and institutions engage in global mission. We will promote global mission opportunities through World In Need to UK and international individuals, churches, schools, and Christian businesses.

Who do we work with?

The people who head the work in the field are all handpicked by us and we are fully assured of their suitability and qualifications for the work they are doing, and of their personal and professional integrity. They are all disciples of Christ, and eager for others to hear of Him.

All our workers and leaders are indigenous to the countries where they work. This means they know and understand, in ways no-one from outside can ever truly manage, the hopes, culture and needs of those they serve and can thus tailor the work to ensure it is of greatest benefit to the highest number of people.
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