Church Partnerships

Hand in hand for the gospel

Partnering with UK Churches in Practical Mission

World in Need are large enough to partner with Churches in the UK but small enough to serve churches in a highly personal and meaningful way.

The Church worldwide is called to fulfil the Great Commission and engage in Global Mission, we can help you fulfil this call whilst removing some of the challenges that can be caused by ‘going it alone’.

How you can get involved

World in Need can partner with your church in a flexible way to suit your needs including:


  • A professionally managed WIN clothes bin for your car park
  • Regular personalised feedback, stories and testimonies
  • Opportunity to offer sponsorship programmes
  • Talks at your church (Sundays or weekday groups)
  • Priority on our Global Family speakers when they are in the UK
  • One off ‘Practical Mission’ projects to be involved with
  • Custom engagement controlled by the church missions team
  • Real relationships generated with our Global Family
  • Excellent transparency and accountability on all matters

Enhance your Missions Work - Church Partnerships with a difference!

Partnering with World in Need is a unique, personalised and special way to make your missions giving more interactive.

We can help you craft the right approach for your church. You’ll also receive updates, so the congregation can see the impact they are making on peoples lives.

We’d love to have an informal chat and explore the possibility of partnering together for the sake of the good news of Jesus.

Please do contact us for more details about our church partnerships programme.
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