Raise funds with a clothes recycling bin

All you need to know about the WIN clothes bins

Why consider a WIN Bin for your Church or car park?

Donations through our clothing bins enable World in Need to raise critical funding for our projects around the world, as well as providing supporters with the opportunity to recycle clothes that may otherwise contribute to landfill.

You can help by allowing us to house one of our clothes recycling bins.  These bins are:
  • A unique way of raising funds for mission
  • Help create a focus on your location in the community
  • Don’t compete with your other Missions giving 
  • Are environmentally friendly and encourage all to be environmentally friendly
  • Allow people to give in ways that are not financial

Frequently Asked Questions

What size are your bins? 

Our clothing bins are approx. 130cm wide x 130cm deep and 190cm high 

What colour are your bins? 

Our bins are a lovely deep blue colour (like our logo) and are freshly sprayed keeping them looking neat, tidy and professional 

Is there any cost to me to have a bin installed? 

No there isn’t a cost to you, although if you wanted to make a contribution through our donation page then you’d be very welcome. 

What happens to the clothes in the bin? 

94% of the clothes we collect are kept out of landfill sites.  The higher quality clothes go to poorer countries and the unwearable clothes are recycled and the material re-used. 

How often are the bins emptied? 

Once a bin is installed we check it regularly until we establish a pattern for how often it needs emptying.  This could be daily, weekly or monthly and is adjusted according to the rate it fills up. 

Can I have more than one bin? 

Yes, we can supply as many bins as you need. 

What happens if my bin is overfilled? 

If it happens that your bin is overfilled before the regular collection then simply call us on 0203 9039933 and we will come and empty it within a working day.  We’ll then increase the frequency of the collections to try and limit it happening again. 

What happens if there’s rubbish left around the bin? 

Our operatives clear the surrounding area around the bin each time they empty the bin of clothes which keeps the site and the bin looking smart and attractive. 

How do World in Need make money from clothing bins? 

The clothes from all our bins are collected together and sold in bulk to a company that specialises in recycling clothing. 

Is there any work that I need to do if I host a World in Need bin?

Basically no, after you agree to host a WIN Bin our professional operatives look after the delivery, and then all emptying, security, cleanliness and maintenance of the bin. 
We've created a proposal document to help your management team, trustees or missions team decide about the bins...
Click here to download it
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