High impact Low cost Feeding Programmes

Replace starvation with nutritional meals and prevent child hunger

Don't let a child's future be destroyed by hunger

Our feeding programmes reach children that larger programmes cannot. The United Nations defines absolute poverty as living on less than US$1.25 a day.  But for far too many people, this amount is a dream, a goal they strive towards, and they cannot provide for even the most basic needs of their families.

We see children come to school hungry, undernourished and weakened, which in turn leaves them unable to concentrate. They fall further and further behind. Their grades suffer, affecting their futures. Instead of training for skilled, better paid jobs which will lift them, their families and communities out of poverty, they are condemned to a life of menial work that pays a pittance, and the cycle of suffering goes on.

At World In Need supported programmes, we see children coming in starving time and time again.

But together we can make a difference!
Child on feeding programme

Would you join with us to feed children like Anna?

One Monday morning, Anna collapsed at school. Her teachers took her to hospital, where they discovered she had eaten nothing since her snack at school on the Friday before.

Further investigation showed that not only was this normal for her family but, on most evenings, supper consisted of a dish of black tea with no other nutrition.

At ten years old, Anna already has arthritis and complains of joint pain every day after walking the fourteen kilometre round trip to school. Her two younger brothers have yellow hair, a classic sign of malnutrition.

It's an emergency but it doesn't have to be this way.

If we work together, our feeding programmes can make things better

Just £5 a month is enough to feed two children like Anna a healthy, well-balanced meal each day in World In Need supported schools in places like Kenya, Uganda and India.

We will send you a welcome letter, informing you which school you are supporting. Three times a year, we will report on the feeding programme in our newsletter, updating you on the programme in more detail.

Our feeding teams aim to provide nutritional emergency food and hunger relief meals to as many children as they possibly can. Please help. Together let's stop children going hungry.
Feed The Hungry
Children eating nutritional food

Millions across Asia and Africa will go without food today

Please consider spending just £5 to make a real difference in people's lives
will feed for a month.
*subject to exchange rates and local food prices
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