Strategic Sponsorships

Empowering lives through others

Invest in one person and impact the lives of many...

These strategic sponsorships leverage money in a powerful way. By investing in a leader, a school teacher, a nurse, a doctor or a church leader, you can fund many lives being impacted through them.

The commitment of our Sponsors to financially support their chosen beneficary every month is a highly valued and personal commitment that is also an amazing blessing to the community they are working in.
Child in Jordan for Child Sponsorship Programme

Sponsoring a leader makes a HUGE difference

Your monthly gift will help to provide so much:
  • A secure home with food on the table
  • An education to learn skills
  • Medical checks and treatment
  • The opportunity to release someone's gifting to benefit a community
  • The relief of financial pressures as they serve God
  • Sponsoring can literally raise our team out of poverty
  • Sponsors can usually visit and correspond with beneficiaries
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