Strategic Sponsorships

Empowering lives through others

Invest in one person and impact the lives of many...

These strategic sponsorships leverage money in a powerful way. By investing in a leader, a school teacher, a nurse, a doctor or a church leader you can fund many lives being impacted through them.

These sponsorships go straight to the person and if you sponsor them then generally we will not seek further sponsorship for them, meaning that your sponsorship is highly valued, very personal and relational between you and the beneficiary and an amazing blessing to the community they are working in.

Unfortunately, due to the sensitive nature of some of our posts we cannot include some photos below. More details can usually be given and correspondence entered into after sponsorship.
Child in Jordan for Child Sponsorship Programme

Sponsoring a leader makes a HUGE difference

Your monthly gift will help to provide so much:
  • A secure home with food on the table
  • An education to learn skills
  • Medical checks and treatment
  • The opportunity to release someone's gifting to benefit a community
  • The relief of financial pressures as they serve God
  • Sponsoring can literally raise our team out of poverty
  • Sponsors can usually visit and correspond with beneficiaries
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