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Why child sponsorship matters

In a world where the most vulnerable are often passed by, children trapped in poverty are often the ones most at risk of suffering from the lack of basic needs that each of us should enjoy. Regular nourishing food, clean water, a safe home, and consistent education are simply not [...]

February 20, 2021

Helping communities during the pandemic

Thanks to the kind donations to our Coronavirus Emergency Fund we are still managing to help and support pastors and families throughout the communities in which World in Need operates. While most of the projects in the countries where we work are in lockdown, the pastors and World in Need [...]

February 5, 2021

Plans for Northern Uganda beyond COVID 19

Covid 19 has hit Northern Uganda particularly hard, with both the infection rate and number of deaths rising daily. Pastor George’s challenge since lockdown has been to reach his church, and his only route is through radio, which is expensive as airtime has to be purchased. George receives requests for [...]

January 25, 2021

Indian charity law could force NGOs into crisis

Thousands of small NGOs that are dependent on legal funds obtained internationally may be ending soon. Many small NGOs questioned the timing of the new legislation, as they have been heavily involved in providing relief to millions of people during the COVID-19 pandemic NEW DELHI: A new law passed by [...]

October 13, 2020
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