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We have a range of volunteering opportunities near you!

We have a range of volunteering opportunities across the UK.

At the heart of World in Need are an amazing team of volunteers who all get involved in ways they feel comfortable helping. Both local and UK wide there are many ways you can help, to riase the profile and support for World in Need.

Every one of our volunteers has the opportunity to impact their local community and to contribute to the development and support of communities around the world.

It all starts with volunteers - every local volunteer role can make a difference globally

For example, one contact made that attracts a child sponsor means that child can be helped out of poverty and improves the prospects of their family's lives for generations to come. See our ' Volunteering near me ' section below...

One person volunteering as an ambassador in their church, workplace  or local community, telling people about WIN and get them engaged in projects can lift whole communities out of poverty.
Get Involved!

Volunteering near me FAQ's

If you’re looking for new volunteering opportunities, please find below a list of questions and answers, if you have any other thoughts or questions before applying to be a volunteer then please do contact us.

Do you have any volunteering opportunities near me ?

Yes - we have opportunities to volunteer UK wide. Some examples of where you can volunteer for WIN in your local areas are:
  • Leaflet posting (and arranging local groups to)
  • Being a Church or Business Ambassador
  • Finding locations for our clothing bins
  • Simply telling others about World in Need
  • Arranging fundraising events near to you

If you have a skill and ideas that you think would help then let us know!

Do you have volunteering opportunities in your head office?

If you want to volunteer and you're based near West Kent or East Sussex (we're on the border) then again get in touch!

Some examples of volunteering work in our Head office are:
  • Helping maintain the office and grounds
  • Cleaning
  • Supporting one of our teams
  • Getting mailshots ready

But the possibilities are endless and we'll do our best to match you to your ideal volunteering opportunity near you.

What happens when I join as a volunteer?

Depending on your preferred role and activities, we'll discuss together how we can best support you. You'll be equipped with whatever materials you need and introduced to a volunteering team leader who will ensure you are well cared for and supported in whatever you are doing. You are welcome to 'just try' and explore if volunteering with World in Need is the right thing for you, and once you've made the decision to regular volunteering work we'll equip you with a World in Need T-shirt to officially be part of the volunteering team.

World in Need has a Christian ethos, do I need to be religious to be a volunteer?

We have a number of volunteer vacancies and for the vast majority of volunteering roles there is no requirement to have a faith in Jesus, just a heart to help people. We are happy to work with a variety of beliefs and world views and for a number of our roles this is just fine. 

Please check through our website and if you’re happy to work with us knowing and respecting our Statement of Belief and our Aims then that should be fine. 

Importantly, we ask all our team of both staff and volunteers to have the highest levels of respect for all people at all times. Our once a year ‘thanks giving event’ that our volunteers are invited to is held in a church, and has Christian content because that is the driving part of our core identity as a charity.

I want to find out more about being involved as a volunteer, what do I do next?

The first step is to contact us in one of the ways on our contact page and let's chat. Email us, call or carrier pigeon we're happy to hear from you as you see fit, we're friendly and all the team have volunteered at one stage of their life or another, so we not only love volunteers but volunteering is in our DNA! You'll be chatting with likeminded people and could become part of a team of volunteers who help make the world a better place.
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