Help our on the ground teams support people in India

Please give - people need your help now

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We urgently need to get funding out to support people in Delhi and Faridabad with supplies, counselling and the Gospel.

Your funds will go towards:

Feeding or provide additional financial support to local people around our ministry centres

We can help with the supply of temperature guns, washing stations and PPE equipment.

Provide other emergency equipment and supplies where needed

Run briefings on how to protect families and loved ones.

Supply other needs as our workers see them.

How can you help? There's still so much more to do...

What and where is the need?

The need for coronavirus support is is huge. We need to continue to feed and protect the children and families in our care, our project teams ministering to them and local people we can reach to minister to.

Why is this a pressing need now?

Our projects have needs for basic supplies of food, water and everyday essentials. They are stuck with little food or income right now. They also need PPE equipment to stop them catching the virus.

Why are WIN best placed to tackle this need?

Our leaders have had Covid and recovered, they are overwhelmed with the requests for response but are on the ground ready to help.

What will be the benefits of your work?

Families will receive desperately needed food and other support. We can help stop the spread of the virus, help prevent starvation in families and both show and tell people about the love of Jesus.

What is the impact if we don’t do this now?

If we don't act quickly then we risk seeing starvation, a rising spread of coronavirus and a risk to life through coronavirus and social unrest.

Why should people care about this?

We all hate to see on TV the shocking images of hungry children and families, this is a direct opportunity to make a difference.

How do you ensure success and accountability?

We can send funds very quickly and ensure that hungry mouths are fed. Photos and coverage of the activities are available on request.

How much does it cost?

The value of the pound means we have great leverage on finances and buying food and PPE. But we have so many needs, please give what you can.
Please help communities in India through our Coronavirus Emergency Fund

The form is not published.

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