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Monthly child sponsorship… transform lives and communities

Imagine a world where your child is denied medical care, an education at a school, nourishing food and even a roof over their heads. Born into poverty, this is life for children all over the world. Our organisation and our sponsors bring transformation by working together to sponsor children born into communities bound by poverty and disadvantage.

Child Sponsors step into hopeless lives and transform boys and girls futures through child sponsorship. Our Child Sponsors commit to support a child with financial support every month until they complete their education. They also exchange letters with their sponsored child to encourage them in their learning.

Please sponsor a child by making a long term commitment to make a long term difference in a child's life.

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Ethiopia (Addis Ababa)
Yeabsira's sponsorship has ended unexpectedly. His father left his mother while pregnant. Yeabsira lives with his Mum but his siblings now live with an aunt. Sponsorship would provide school expense and daily essentials for all the children.
sponsored child
DR Congo (Goma)
Furaha urgently needs support. She lives with nine siblings supported by their eldest sister aged 20 years. Their mother died and father abandoned the family. Sponsorship will secure a place at school with the dream of an education.
sponsored child
Uganda (Buikwe)
Noreen's sponsorship has unexpectedly ceased. She lives with her farm worker parents & 3 siblings. Her father is also a part-time teacher, but cannot provide for his family's needs. Sponsorship will enable he to continue to complete her education.
sponsored child
India (Punjab)
Alakdeep's sponsorship ended unexpectedly. His mother, Paramjeet, died when he was a toddler, his father in 2021 and his brother, Anmoldeep in 2023 aged 16. He lives in an orphanage where he is fed, clothed and attends the Government High School.
Child in Jordan for Child Sponsorship Programme

Sponsoring children makes a HUGE difference

Your monthly sponsorship gift will help to provide so much:
  • An education to learn skills
  • Medical checks and treatment
  • The opportunity to grow and learn together in community
  • The knowledge that they are valued and special
  • Sponsoring can literally raise boys and girls out of poverty
  • Our children write to those who are sponsoring them
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