Free Will Writing Service

Make a legal will at no cost

Professional Will writing service completley free of charge.

Here at World in Need, we know that writing a Will can be daunting - many people just don't know where to start and can be worried about the costs involved. That's why we have partnered with Bequeathed to offer you a simple Will writing service for free.

We are making this offer available to everyone, whether you choose to leave a gift to the World in Need projects or not. Through this Will writing service you can take the opportunity to ensure your assets are distributed according to you wishes.

What is involved? - Your 3 steps to a free Will

Complete an online interview - Answer some initial questions online to start the will writing process, with the Bequeathed team available to help.
A 30 minute follow-up appointment will be made with a specialist advisor. This will be at your convenience and preferred location, and can be via phone or video call.
The Will is posted to you for signing in front of the witnesses of your choosing and then you can keep it yourself or return it to Bequeathed to be stored safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it for?

Anyone over 18 living in England, Wales or Northern Ireland can use our free Will writing service. Unfortunately, differences in the law mean that we cannot offer this service to those living in Scotland.

Do I need to travel to make the Will?

Arranging the Will can be done from the comfort of your own home, or at an office if you prefer.

Who will give me advice?

Accredited legal experts from law firms partnered with Bequeathed will take you through the process of writing your Will before it is finalised and sent to you for witnessing.

Who can be a witness?

Witnesses can be anyone over 18, but neither can be a beneficiary of your Will, nor the spouse or civil partner of a beneficiary of your Will.

Who can be an executor?

Anyone aged over 18 can be an executor of your Will, including a beneficiary or family member. It is helpful for them to be good at paperwork, and you should get their agreement before the Will is finalised.

Are there hidden costs?

No, it is completely free to make a simple will using our Will writing service. However, if your Will requires more complex arrangements your advisor will be able to inform you and offer you a quote for this work. You are under no obligation to continue to use this service for a complex Will.

Do I need to leave a gift in my Will to World in Need?

You are under no obligation to leave a gift to World In Need, but if you choose to support our work your advisor can help you do this.

If I choose to leave a gift to World in Need can I control what it's used for?

Absolutely! If you choose to leave a gift to World in Need to support the work we do, your advisor can help ensure that money is directed exactly where you want and used for the purposes you stipulate. You can choose to support the literacy programmes, sponsorship programmes, feeding programmes, any specific country or region we operate. You may also choose to let us use it wherever the need is greatest.
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