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Malnutrition takes its toll:

  • Physically. Stunted growth, weak muscles, weak and crumbling bones, arthritis, eye problems. Just some of the physical effects of not eating enough of the right foods.
  • Mentally. Malnourished children are at increased risk of many mental health problems, including depression and paranoia.
  • Behaviourally. Malnourished children are more likely to suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder. They are more likely to develop aggressive or anti-social tendencies, or an inability to socialise.
  • Educationally. Hungry and undernourished children cannot concentrate properly. They fall behind in school, their grades suffer and their futures become limited.

For far too many children, these are the real, every day effects of a real, every day problem.

Ten year old Rosine lives in the DR Congo. It’s hard for her family; neither parent is educated and both find it difficult to find employment that will provide for their children.

At present, the school in the Congo is able to provide all 200 children attending with one nutritious meal a week, on Wednesdays. For far too many of them, this is the only decent meal they will get.

We aim to make that a thing of the past, ensuring that the children receive nutritious meals every single day.

For just £5 a month you can make a difference to two children.

For £5, we can give two children a meal a day, every day for a month, ensuring children like Rosine never have to go hungry again.

Working through schools makes it easier to implement the programme and ensure the help gets to those who need it most.
The programme is good value for money. £5 a month is not a huge commitment for most people, yet it is enough to give two children a nourishing meal each day.

When you join the programme, we will send you a welcome letter, informing you which school you are supporting. Three times a year, we will give a brief report on the programme in our newsletter, and once a year you will receive a more detailed update.


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