A Tribute to Alice Mulumbi

October 4, 2021

We give thanks for Alice's life following her death on 1st October 2021

World in Need are sad to announce the death of Alice Mulumbi on 1st October, she was just 54 years old.  Alice Mulumbi was married to Robert Mulumbi, head of World in Need Kenya. Alice suffered from multiple strokes and despite being flown to Nairobi for surgery, sadly she was unable to pull through – we know she is now with Jesus whom she lived her life for.

Alice Mulumbi was, quite simply, a light in the darkness. Her huge smile made you welcome immediately, and the way she looked at you while you talked to her made you feel as if you were the most important person in the room.

She had the skill of listening, and often left the talking to other people. She saw and heard much and thought about it deeply, and her response was always considered and wise.

There was a quiet strength about Alice, and the determination to do right, even at great cost to herself. In January 2009, after the troubled elections in Kenya, there was a lot of violence and members of the Kikuyu tribe were being murdered by their erstwhile neighbours. Alice was from the Luo tribe but that didn't stop her sheltering people who were in danger and helping them get to safety. Because of her actions, she had to take her own young children and run, hiding out in the forest for several nights until tempers cooled and it was safe to return. Afterwards, she never held those attacks against her neighbours, but resumed her work trying to alleviate their problems and make life better for them.

It was very much because of Alice that the Nancy George Academy came into being and was run so proficiently. She helped it to grow and serve the local community and worked tirelessly for its success. At the same time, she raised four fine children of her own, ran a small farm and supported Robert in his work. She served her church and loved the Lord wholeheartedly, and her faith shone through in her actions, words and demeanour every single day.

Life was not always easy, but for this great woman of prayer, whenever setbacks hit she picked herself up, dusted herself off and trusted the Lord to provide for her future. The world is a much poorer place for her passing, although even in our sadness, we rejoice to know that she is being greeted with joy in heaven.

Alice played such a special part in so many peoples lives so in anticipation, we are inviting those who wanted to contribute some thoughts, memories and comments which we will compile into a book of remembrance that we will print and send to Robert. They can be sent to the main email address info@worldinneed.org.uk. We would like to send the book for print at the end of October.

Robert and family have been left with significant medical and funeral costs running into many thousands of pounds. If you would like to help towards these costs then please use the form below.

Alice Mulumbi Medical Costs, Funeral Costs and Personal Family Support

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal for this project now. Please click here to view our other appeals.


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