All Nations Prayer Room

August 14, 2021

World in Need prepares a new space for prayer

Sensing a pressing urgency to pray more as part of its international outreach World in Need has decided to open a room for prayer within its office space.

The World in Need team has felt a growing call to unite supporters and those seeking to pray for the nations with regular prayer meetings within its building. The plan is to provide a space for prayer that will host weeknight monthly or weekly prayer groups as an extension of its mission and heart for the nations. Additionally there is a vision to provide facilities to join the prayer meetings using technology and extend the prayer times to those who cannot physically be present which will include both supporters and the WIN Global Family.

Preparations are now underway to reorganise the office space to create this prayer space and plan for the future prayer meetings. Thankfully no major structural changes are required but in response to God's call to pray the desks have been cleared away and the wall with clocks on will be removed to enlarge the main room by 50%. Offers of time and materials to make these changes have been forthcoming from staff and friends of World in Need but the team are still praying for the provision of lighting, tables and chairs as they step out to follow God's lead.

Rob Holmes, CEO at World in Need, shares his heart for the project, "This is an incredibly exciting step for WIN where at the very heart of our office we're intentionally creating a space to engage with those of similar heart to pray for all the nations of the world as well as our projects and Global Family. The creation of the All Nations Prayer Room ensures that prayer remains and increases at the heart of the organisation as we seek to respond globally to the call to 'Feed the hungry, help the poor and tell them about Jesus'.  God has both led and provided so far and we don't fully know what format the evenings will take, what it will look like, who will come but we know we're responding to His call and so are excited to see what happens next!"

Below is the existing space that will be extended to create a welcoming space that can accommodate prayer meetings into the heart of the World in Need organisation.

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