World in Need clothing bins are back

August 23, 2021

We are looking for more locations!

You will soon see the return of the World in Need clothing bins that provide such a useful resource to our organisation. Through the bins we receive donations of clothes which bring in much needed revenue for our missions. The clothing bins have gone away to be sprayed the World in Need blue to match the branding of our organisation and to make them distinctive in their locations, and will be back in operation in the car park at All Saints Church in Crowborough, and at the World in Need office.

Donations through the clothing bin recycling scheme enable World in Need to raise funds for the Global Family, as well as providing supporters with the opportunity to recycle items that may otherwise contribute to landfill.

The items that can be recycled through the clothing bin scheme are wearable clothing, pairs of shoes, handbags and belts. Textiles that are recycled through our clothing bins are sorted and graded before being sent to the relevant destination. Blankets and sleeping bags are given to charities that help the homeless. Low grade textiles are made into industrial wiping clothes, carpets, underlay and mattress linings. Clothing is transported to Africa, Asia and Europe as well as developing countries where your old clothes are re-used. World in Need gets paid by the weight of the amount of clothing you recycle, and the scheme accepts any dry textile items however, please note the scheme does not accept soiled items.

More bins will be joining our clothing collections and we are currently looking for venues throughout mainland England. If you know of anywhere that would house one of our clothing bins, perhaps a church car park,  please get in touch.



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