Conflict in the DRC rises as Claudaline continues working

April 19, 2024

Serving the children and families of Goma is as essential as ever

We were blessed at the end of last year, to have WIN Global Family leader of the DR Congo, Claudeline Muhindo, visit us at our UK office. We enjoyed a time together as she shared about the work that is done through the Hope School, the victories that she sees, and the concerns she has for their children.

The work in the DRC takes place amidst a backdrop of great political instability, with conflicts between armed groups taking place over decades across the country. Since the end of 2023, clashes between militant groups over territory and natural resources have intensified. Killings by security forces, political violence and increased tension with its neighbour Rwanda, have increased the turmoil and danger for the people of this country.

The Hope School serves 390 primary and secondary students in the city of Goma, which is located in the east, on the border with Rwanda. Recent escalations in fighting between the Congolese army and the Tutsi-led M23 movement is causing increased concern for the population of Goma as the M23 rebels blocked the two main roads into the city from the north and west, preventing produce from getting through.

Please pray for the people of the DRC, the Hope School staff, students and families.

If you would like to support the school, you can do so by making a donation on our Hope School Project Page.


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