Congratulations to our latest University student!

May 17, 2024

Abibatu joins University of Sierra Leone

We are so pleased to congratulate Abibatu Kamara on her success at joining the University of Sierra Leone to study for a Diploma in Procurement and Supply Extramural Studies!

Abibatu joined our child sponsorship programme in 2010 and began studying at the school in Freetown. She then continued into senior secondary education in 2018, and thought that she would like to be a lawyer. As she progressed through her education she discovered that her favourite subjects were accounting, economics and business administration, and was inspired to study banking and finance. This has motivated her to work hard and pursue a career as a banker.

The WIN sponsorship programme has given Abibatu the confidence and skills to apply for this 2-year course and has helped her with the entry application and cover the university fees. We rejoice with Abibatu and her sponsors, that she has succeeded in making her “dream come true” of attending university. We pray that she will continue to go from strength to strength and see the success in her life that has become possible through her hard work and the dedication of those supporting her.

If you would like to help a child to achieve their potential by sponsoring them please visit our Sponsorship Page.


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