Northern Uganda continues to struggle under Covid restrictions

January 14, 2022

The WIN team seek prayer and support for school facilities

Pastor George and his team have been trying to create and maintain a new normal way of life, despite restrictions still being in place due to Covid. The school remains closed and the children are eager to return, but at the moment they can only learn from home which often requires the use of a computer due to distance.

George would love the opportunity to have more computers to facilitate this, and also eventually to establish a computer room at the school for pupils to use. There’s still no idea when the school will re-open, because the government requires mandatory vaccination for all teachers and pupils.

Prayer is needed for a solution as pupils are now seriously falling behind, not just due to home-schooling challenges but also because children are having to neglect studies to look after their younger siblings. This is essential in many homes as the mothers need try to find work in order to pay for food while resources remain scarce for the community.

George continues to do as much as possible within the limitations imposed, and has established a farming and bible project for young people. This has been a great success and since beginning with 35 students, the project has now grown to have 60 members. George provides the students with meals to try and make a difference through all the hardship, as well as continuing with as much food distribution as possible within the community. The WIN team work hard to minister wherever the need arises and meet the needs of those in front of them whenever they have the opportunity.

George would appreciate prayer and support for completion of the girls’ dormitory at the school. They need glass to complete doors and windows, and also cement for the floor. After these tasks are complete, provision of the final items of bedding that they need would mean the dormitory could be ready for when the school is allowed to re-open.


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