Ethiopia demonstrates the life-changing work of WIN

January 20, 2023

Child sponsorship, food packages and health check-ups for families

The joy of the WIN Global Family is to share the Gospel with those they help. At WIN Ethiopia, our family members take great pains to help improve the physical, emotional, cognitive, mental and cultural well-being of the children and families they work with, all the while sharing the love of Jesus and His teachings.

Through the Child Sponsorship Programme, WIN Ethiopia provides a place for each child in education and helps them achieve their yearly academic qualifications. Each child has medical care with a regular check-up to monitor their health and spot problems before they become an issue, and also healthcare for when they do suffer with illness. A key part of keeping the children healthy is teaching the children about hygiene, and educating the parents to help them understand how to avoid illness.

For children and families who have nothing, the gifts that the children and parents receive through the programme are vital for raising their self-esteem and helping them know that they are valued. The staff work with the children to raise their self-esteem through emotional development, and to give them hope for the future that they would otherwise not have. The parents are given training in business skills to help them grasp the possibility of a better future and to find a way to develop an income.

WIN Ethiopia currently has 45 children permanently supported through the World in Need Child Sponsorship Programme, and through the generous donations of our supporters, receives additional funding to help in areas when there is need for critical food supplies and other outreach missions, such as clothes, warm coats and shoes.

Another key component in WIN Ethiopia’s work is the provision of essential nutrition. The team is very keen to work to improve the children’s lives at every level, and the importance of good nutrition as a building-block for the children’s future is taken very seriously. Ethiopia still has one of the highest rates of child malnutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa, and it is estimated that around 185,000 children are now affected by this deadly condition.

Every person and child that the team in WIN Ethiopia helps at this time, is potentially a life saved and a person given hope. Due to the assistance and kindness of our partners, in October the team spent an entire day handing out nutrition packages to the families and children in their care. The packages included: 5kg rice, two packets of pasta, 5 litres of cooking oil, two body soaps and two clothing soaps. Your support is invaluable in making this happen!

Our WIN Ethiopia team continue to struggle to give aid to the large numbers of people in need due to the economic problems in the country. They ask for continued prayer to be able to help these people, and for God to supply every need. Throughout these situations they praise God that He is helping them with their work, and give thanks for the changes that they have seen in the lives of the children and their families. They pray for the World in Need family and all our supporters!

If you would like to support the work of World in Need through Child Sponsorship, or support a Global Family Leader through Strategic Sponsorship, please visit the 'Get Involved' section on our website where you will find additional ways to help our work, including the Feeding Programme or as a Volunteer.


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