Ethiopia ravaged by the effects of Covid

April 29, 2022

WIN steps in with vital help

In addition to hardship brought by Covid, Ethiopia’s economy is in very poor shape, with high levels of inflation, unrest, and disturbance within the population. The most detrimental effects of these hardships are affecting the poor. Lockdown has made it impossible for people to leave their homes and earn a daily wage, and as so many live day-to-day they have become desperate.

Inflation has caused the cost of food and medication to soar, and WIN Ethiopia is working hard to step in and meet the increasingly vital needs of poor communities. A free health check is provided for children twice a year and any medication they need is purchased for them. The children are also provided with food and clothes, and twice a year are given educational materials, which all make a significant difference to their well-being.

The team provide the children with a space to learn and play together, as well as food while they study, in order to make their lives more comfortable. Physical activity is encouraged, and many youngsters participate in soccer squad training. Excursions are planned twice a year which are very popular, giving both educational and fun time for families to share together.

In addition to helping children, we also provide training four times a year to women, to enable independence through acquiring skills and learning how to manage their needs.

At the moment, we are directly assisting 46 children, in addition to around 150 more indirectly. Prayer and support is needed for the numbers to grow, as the team would love to serve more and expand their mission. We need to sponsor at least another 20 children urgently to increase the viability of the project. If you are able to sponsor a child in need please visit our Sponsorship page.


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