Faridabad Deaf Centre reopens

April 22, 2022

While prayer and provision is still needed

Faridabad is one of the major satellite cities located south of Delhi. It is a highly populated area and one of the major industrial hubs in the state of Haryana. As such, life in Faridabad is extremely busy. The city is in an area that has a borderline hot semi-arid climate and even its 'winter' is humid and subtropical. World in Need staff in Faridabad say that the hot weather has been continually wearing them down, and the humidity is so excessive that they have had to resort to running the air conditioning unit at night in order to sleep.

We thank God that the Ashray Deaf Resource Centre has reopened and that the children and teachers are very happy to be back at school. Certain Covid restrictions still apply, making things difficult, but generally things are settling down.

The girls home at Asha Bhavan, has continued to provide a loving environment right through the pandemic, although school was restricted. The girls continue to remain safe within the confines of the home, however there is a bout of colds and flu running through the staff and children, and they ask for prayers that God will heal everybody.

The Covid vaccine is generally not available, but for the majority the decision is to not have the vaccine, distrusting the medical advice, and only under half of the population has been vaccinated. The government is anticipating a third wave of the coronavirus through the winter, possibly leading to more restrictions.

Generally life in India is tough, many thousands have lost their jobs, while food and fuel prices have increased. Finances are a struggle now with some donors stopping sponsorship. We ask for prayers for God to boost the income for the World in Need centres in Faridabad and for the provision of sponsorship for the children.

If you are able to sponsor a child here please visit our Child Sponsorship page. Alternatively, you can support World in Need's efforts here by making a single or monthly donation to our work in Faridabad on our Donations page.


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