Farming bears fruit in Central Uganda

May 27, 2022

Plus the community is grateful for gifts

Albert reports that our recent shipment of 40kg of bras has resulted in many happy and grateful women in Buikwe, including the teachers of Maranatha Primary School. An everyday item simply taken for granted in the UK has caused great excitement and joy, and Albert sends a big thank you on their behalf.

Farming continues in the community, with a good harvest so far yielding much needed provisions for the school. The building works which were 80% complete in Spring are now being finalised, and the mood is optimistic as Maranatha continues to strive for a slow return to normality during lockdown recovery.

The children and staff at the school are healthy and excited to be re-opening in the coming weeks. The children have done exceptionally well in their schooling from home and maintained good standards. We want to grow the school and are currently looking at nearby land which we would like to purchase and build accommodation for the teachers on and further play and study areas for the children. We would also like to see if we can open a computer laboratory soon to teach the children how to use computers.


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