Give a gift to change a life this Christmas!

October 30, 2023

Let your loved one know that they are sharing the love of Jesus around the world

Now that we are nearing Christmas, and the shops are already full of Christmas decorations and gifts for our loved ones, it's natural to think of our brothers and sisters around the world who are struggling. Our Gift Shop gives us the perfect way to help share our blessings with others and show them we care.

Practical mission is at the heart of what we do - showing the love of Jesus through teaching and helping those in need, and often in dire circumstances. The gifts you buy can bring a dramatic change to the circumstances of one person or a family.

You can choose from:

Bibles - Buying someone a bible gives them the opportunity to learn and deepen their faith with God. Unlike our society, that has so many ways to interact with God's Word, the people we help around the world often only have the blessing of hearing God's word in community settings such as church and school. To grow in their relationship with the Lord they need to be able to dive into God's Word whenever they like. A bible brings this freedom. Not only can they deepen their own relationship with God, it allows them to share God's Word with those around them, teaching their family and sharing in their community. The comfort and guidance that a bible offers is priceless!

Goat - When you buy a goat for a family you are investing in their future in so many more ways than just providing an animal! Goats can play a vital role in lifting families out of the desperation of food shortage. Not only do they provide litres of milk that is very nutritious for the family, they produce manure, which in areas where the soil is of low quality for growing crops, this can make a huge difference and bring them food security. Extra milk and crops can even provide a sustainable income as they sell to the community. In addition, our goats are given in a 'pay it forward' scheme where the first born kid is gifted to another family in that community, and thereby one goat can begin to transform the lives of many!

Chickens - Chickens are a gift that heaps blessing upon blessing on the recipient. The number of chickens bought through your gift varies depending on the country and cost of chickens at the time, but as the families can benefit from the eggs and sell any surpus eggs to the community, these are a vital source of nutrient-rich food and income. They are easy to manage and need little space, and their droppings are very good for using as fertiliser to enrich the soil where the family or community grow crops.

School Supplies - The gift of school supplies encompasses books, stationery and school uniform, plus any other equipment the school children need to complete their education. Children raised in poverty highly value their education and the essential learning materials that they use to help them achieve their learning goals. School uniform gives them a sense of belonging and achievement that they are progressing in a good direction with their life. The gift of school supplies may seem so small to us, but has a tremendous impact on a child's self-worth, their education and future.

Emergency Medicine - Many of the children and adults that World in Need helps are unable to afford the cost of medicine, no matter how essential or urgent. When our Global Family needs to help these people, it is these gifts that make the difference. We will pay the doctor's fees and medical bills for treatment, and cover the cost of medicine for those individuals who our Global Family identifies as in need.

Children's Shoes - One of the most basic necessities that we take for granted is our shoes. For children growing up in poverty, it's not just a matter of comfort, it's a matter of protection from debilitating illness. Many children have to walk miles for school, while others live in cities, slums and have to navigate through rubbish heaps looking for things to sell. A pair of shoes protects their young feet from injury and infection; this is so vital because living without shoes can often be the source of dangerous illnesses such as elephantiasis and podoconiosis - painful, disfiguring conditions. A pair of shoes can ensure that these children have a life with a future.

Feed a Hungry Family - Malnutrition puts children's lives and future at risk. When not addressed, the lack of proper nutrients for growth, development and sustained health, causes delayed growth, impaired brain development, and a lowered immune system. This impacts children's immediate and on-going health, but also their education and school performance. The World in Need Global Family reaches children and familes who cannot afford enough food. Your gift allows our Global Family members to give food supplies to families who simply do not have enough to eat, as well as providing school children with nutritious meals.

This Christmas will you consider donating one of these gifts to those less fortunate and helping our Global Family show the love of Jesus to those in need?

You can choose a gift from our Gift Shop, which can be dedicated to a loved one through our gift message section on the form. If you do not wish to dedicate your gift to someone then just insert your details instead. It's a fast and simple process to bless others this Christmas!


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