Good News! Uganda Farming Project is ready to go!

April 23, 2021

You are impacting a community in Uganda

We are so pleased to announce that thanks to the generous funds from our donors the money has been raised to start the farming project in Uganda.

This new project will provide valuable training for the youth in the community of Ayila in Northern Uganda, giving them the opportunity for employment and the ability to impact their community in a positive way. Many of the youth in this area do not have a positive outlook with no gainful employment, and criminal and anti-social activities have long been a draw for them.

Reverend George, who runs the World in Need team in this area has been supporting Isaac, a previous WIN Uganda sponsored child, to take his expertise in farming and share it with others; this project is the result of that desire.

The kind donations to this project will not only facilitate the training of 60 youth in farming skills, but will also provide each individual with a bible as they follow bible study as well as gaining financial management training. Once completed, the training will allow the programme individuals to learn the expertise needed to run a business as well as explore and deepen their relationship with God.

Each person on the training course will have shown great commitment by raising nearly half the costs of their course to cover building material and tools, and will be able to leave the course empowered to further impact their community for good.

To see the other projects that we are fundraising for visit our World in Need Appeals.


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