How your church can partner with WIN

February 9, 2023

Would your church like to come on board?

This is an opportunity to be involved in practical missions in 11 different countries. This support can take shape in many ways. As with all mission work, one of the biggest challenges is the financial demands, but UK Church partnering with World in Need, can impact lives across the world for the sake of the Gospel.

Working together enables World in Need to plan and put in to action, life-saving, Gospel-based outreach to touch the lives of so many in desperate need. We ask you to consider supporting World in Need with a monthly donation. This will allow us to ensure that the funds are available for regular expenditure, supporting the teams on the ground, and underpin the day-to-day running of the charity around the world.

Our teams around the world form the World in Need Global Family, changing lives by sharing the hope and love that is found through the Good News of the Gospel, and giving practical aid to help children and families living in poverty. Many of our Global Family leaders are themselves living with minimal funds. Specific sponsorship of a church pastor, a schoolteacher, school children or even the school building means that those donations will be passed on directly to the recipient of your choice. If you would like a professionally managed World in Need clothes bank for your car park, we can organise this for you. More information on how these raise funds for World in Need can be found on our Clothes Recycling Bins page.

The opportunities to feed the hungry, help the poor and tell them about Jesus are endless and our heart is that more people hear the Good News of Jesus. To help others through World in Need we are asking churches to consider a monthly gift of £250, but we are grateful for whatever regular commitment your church would like to make to our ministry. We are proud to say that just 10% of donations are used for administration.

Our heart is to get as much funding as we can, out to our projects as quickly as we can, and in addition to this, we recognise the importance of supporting our Global Family not just with financial and administrative support in the work that they do, but also pastorally, to ensure that we are a Family in much more than just name. Funds that are given to our ministry for general use also help support the essential pastoral care that we are able to provide for our Global Family team.

If you would like to discuss working with World in Need to bring practical hope and love to a desperate world, please get in touch.


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