My visit to Central Uganda

January 4, 2024

Seeing the Marantha Primary School and the chickens!

My trip to Uganda, aided by Robert Mulumbi from Kenya, started with a stay at the World in Need Compound in Central Uganda. This building was previously funded by WIN to act as a multi-purpose facility that can be used for community outreach activities, and as a resource for the work that the WIN global family does in this area. It is a basic, but secure building with a hall, several rooms that can be used for meetings and bedroom areas, basic bathroom facilities and a kitchen.

The compound is in use most days of the week, and the hall is used by a local church to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in the local area, with regular fellowship and prayer meetings being held there. Different church services are held throughout the week and I had the pleasure of speaking one evening at a service for the local congregation.

The main focus of our visit to Buikwe was to see the Marantha Primary School, which is overseen by our WIN Global Family Leader, Albert Aryagasha. It was a real joy to see so many happy children in a safe learning environment. Robert and I spent time with the children and with the staff, talking to teachers, cooks and security guards.

It was a great opportunity to meet with the board members of the school to discuss how best to tackle everyday school issues and to share thoughts on how the school will progress going forward. It was very encouraging to hear how keen they are to represent Christian morals and ensure that Marantha Primary School is a place of safety and growth for the students.

As well as these meetings, I had the delight of seeing the renovated and extended chicken house and the chicken project which was made possible by our generous WIN supporters. Here Albert had set out to purchase 100 chickens to lay eggs that would be used to feed the children, and then sell surplus to raise additional funds for the school’s needs. The initial purchase had gone wrong and he was sent 100 broiler chickens for raising to eat. Understanding the mistake that had been made, the suppliers allowed Albert to keep the broilers and sent another 100 chickens for laying eggs to correct their error.

Albert has since set up a business rearing the broilers and selling them to the community for a profit, as well as continuing with the original plan for the laying chickens. This is all going very well with the extended chicken house to accommodate all these birds! The school also grows maize to feed the children, and any of the crop which is not suitable for eating is now used for chicken feed. The plan for the future is to make cakes using the eggs, which can also be sold and feed the children.

Another big part of the visit to Marantha was to spend time with the children who are sponsored through the WIN child sponsorship programme. It was wonderful to see how these children have grown and thrived since being provided for at the school, and the smiles on their faces as they enjoy learning and playing surrounded by such good care.


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