New church plant brings hope in Bangladesh

August 30, 2021

New believers baptised into Christ

At WIN Bangladesh, Pastor Alfred is working to support the increasing number of people who now have no work due to Covid. A shortage of warm clothes and suitable housing are among the challenges, but there is also good news from Bangladesh. Alfred and his team have planted a new church, in a poor area around 280km from Dhaka city, and have already baptized 54 new believers. As a result the need for both bibles and a new pastor is great.

Alfred is seeking funding for the new pastor’s work and for 800 bibles for new believers and to distribute these in the area as the good news of the gospel spreads. World in Need is also looking to bless the new church with the provision of a new church building that will enable believers to meet together, and will also serve as a school house for the area. To sponsor a church leader in this area please visit our Strategic Sponsorships page and choose Bangladesh as your preferred location. To support the construction of a new church building, please visit our Bangladesh Appeal.


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