Northern Uganda celebrates success in exams

February 16, 2023

Jillian Akidi tops the result table for the district!

Students at the Jesus is the Way School in Northern Uganda had their graduation day at the end of November along with many activies for their top class in nursery. For the Primary Seven class (the highest class at the primary level), they completed their national exams in December with much praise and prayer for them to pass.

The next term started at the beginning of February, with great celebration as all the children enrolled in the school passed their December exams! In particular, Jillian Akidi, who is supported at the school through the World in Need Sponsorship Programme achieved the highest exam score in the district! With these achievements other parents are now encouraged to enrol their children to attend Jesus is the Way school and the results give the school much credibility in the area.

Rev. George Amoli, our WIN Global Family Leader, prays that this year will be a much better year for the school. Please join George in praying for them to have enough food, mostly beans, to feed students and staff, and to have provision to offer accommodation for staff. There is on-going construction of a latrine, so in addition, please pray for the successful completion of this work and construction of a kitchen and the finishing of a girls dormitory.


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