Our team in Thailand keeps busy during lockdown

May 13, 2022

Prayers and provision is still needed to help more addicts

Thailand is far from being out of danger from the grip of the pandemic, and Peter and his team have never known a time like this before with the challenges they now face. The government had imposed a movement control lockdown order, with many areas being designated red zones with further restrictions in force, including curfews between 9.00pm and 4.00am. People have been urged to remain at home unless travel is essential, and only supermarkets and takeaway food were permitted to remain open until 8.00pm each day. Public gatherings have been limited to five people, and no public transport has been available between 9.00pm and 3.00am. Mandatory facemasks have remained as part of the strict lockdown process.

Despite the challenges, Peter has pressed forward as much as possible with improvements to The House Of Victory, so that more addicts can be helped. The team have been updating signs with their new logo, renovating and painting fences and the office exterior, and they have improved and re-pebbled the road at the main entrance. Peter has asked for prayer for the provision of funds to provide scholarships for children to attend the school, and prayers for his family and team through the ongoing changes and hardships they face. The team remain focused and thankful, concentrating on keeping the call to help addicts as a focus, and they testify that God is with them in every circumstance. To support Peter and as our Global Family Leader in WIN Thailand please visit the Strategic Sponsorship page here.


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