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Restrictions ease in Sierra Leone

Pastor Tamba heads up World in Need Sierra Leone. The mission oversees about 13 fellowships and four primary and junior secondary schools in and around the country. After the fast spread of Covid-19 over the last year and a half, Tamba is relieved to report that the third wave of [...]

November 10, 2021

WIN prayer room is completed

Staff and volunteers have worked hard to transform office and storage space within the World in Need building into a tranquil prayer room dedicated to praying for the World in Need Global Family and intercession for international issues. The World in Need team felt urged to dedicate this space in [...]

October 30, 2021

Staff in Delhi share all they have

Tucked away in a side street, amidst the noise and chaos of South Delhi traffic, is an educational institute for Afghan children, a haven of opportunity and expectation for Muslim refugee families. Since 2016 the school has grown to 75 students in six classes, studying in Grades 7 to 12 [...]

October 20, 2021

Dedicated Thailand pastor struggles to provide aid during pandemic

Peter, a pastor and Leader of WIN Thailand, is focusing on ministering to his community in practical ways, together with his wife Pinky. Internet connection is poor, and ministry requires careful planning due to social distancing requirements. Peter’s church provides an addiction healing centre, and he is theoretically able to [...]

October 10, 2021
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