Philippines gives thanks as education continues

April 15, 2022

Pastor Noel asks in faith for prayer for a miracle

The school at WIN Philippines is so thankful that they have been able to continue education online throughout the pandemic. The school has increased to 33 children, and Noel and Bevs send grateful thanks to the sponsors of the children who are supported through the Sponsorship Programme. They are delighted to report that all the children have now finished the school year with flying colours. New computer equipment, donated by WIN last spring, has made a huge difference to the team and children.

The team's main request at this time is for prayer to find ways to support more children. They would dearly love to further increase the number of families that they can assist, and pray that more sponsors will step forward to enable them to do this.  They also look forward to helping families prepare for a return to a ‘new normal’ life as restrictions begin to ease, and feel that it is important to try and equip them in entrepreneurial skills and so give them opportunities to earn an income when this becomes possible.

Pastor Noel’s heart remains in witnessing to all, through the work the team carry out; reflecting the love of God and His message of hope. The faith-based curriculum that is taught at the school reflects this desire to share the goodness of God. Noel has passion for his mission through WIN Philippines, and his fervent hope is that a way will open up for the property where the school operates to be purchased, so that their mission base can be secure. Noel asks for continued prayer for this, and is certain a miracle will happen!


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