Help us Replace Starvation with Nutritional Meals

October 21, 2022

Help prevent child hunger

While the industrialised nations have now spent months re-establishing 'normal' life with the return to work and resuming usual lifestyle habits, the underdeveloped nations and emerging countries continue to struggle to recover from the restrictions that were imposed due to Covid 19. In communities where jobs and income suffered as a result of the pandemic there is an increased problem sourcing food, which in itself is already scarce. As always, it is the poorest in the communities that are the hardest hit.

In June this year, the United Nations aid agency warned that because of the global hunger crisis, every single minute, one child is pushed into life-threatening, severe malnutrition. Severe wasting and weakened immune systems are just two of the serious consequences that children are suffering with due to a lack of food.

The World in Need teams work hard to provide meals and quality nutrition for the children that are in their communities, often sharing their own provisions with those around them. Our desire to see children growing up cared for and well fed has become an urgent necessity to provide basic nutrition to children who would otherwise go hungry.

You can make a difference today and help support our staff and the children, by supporting our Feeding Programmes. Just £5 a month is enough to feed two children a healthy, well-balanced meal every day in World In Need supported schools. Please join us in our work to stop children going hungry.

Read more on our Feeding Programmes page to learn how your money makes a difference.


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