Restrictions ease in Sierra Leone

November 10, 2021

Schools and churches gather again post Covid-19 lockdown

Pastor Tamba heads up World in Need Sierra Leone. The mission oversees about 13 fellowships and four primary and junior secondary schools in and around the country.

After the fast spread of Covid-19 over the last year and a half, Tamba is relieved to report that the third wave of the pandemic brought very low rates of infection and death. The government is now concentrating on the roll-out of vaccines and has organised country-wide teams of medical personnel to coordinate this as quickly as possible.

The ban on congregational worship has now been lifted, which is a great blessing to the church, although services have to be limited to 90 minutes. A curfew from 11pm to 5am daily also remains in place.

On Monday 6th September schools around the country reopened, another huge step forward. Children gather every morning for worship and prayer before going to their classes, and there is a sense that life is finally returning to normal. Despite restrictions, the children have remained diligent and all who sat the National Primary School Examinations have passed – and are now in Junior Secondary School.

The success of the school and high pass rates mean that many more families are asking to send their children. There’s now an urgent need for more classrooms to be added. Despite battling his own ill-health, Tamba doesn’t want to delay. He and his team are praying for financial support to enable them to build another floor on top of the existing school building. The team are also seeking prayer for Tamba’s recovery, and for the means to support both the pastoral team and the purchase of land in order to plant a new church.


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