Staff in Delhi share all they have

October 20, 2021

WIN workers are supporting Afghan families in Delhi

Tucked away in a side street, amidst the noise and chaos of South Delhi traffic, is an educational institute for Afghan children, a haven of opportunity and expectation for Muslim refugee families.

Since 2016 the school has grown to 75 students in six classes, studying in Grades 7 to 12 and is looking to expand to serve many more children. From 08:30 to 14:00 each day the dedicated staff strive to challenge the students beyond the academic curriculum, to think deeply and critically about all aspects of life, particularly about reasons for hope and a future. They care about the whole person, helping them and their families to build a brighter future.

Afghan families are struggling to cope, due to ever decreasing work opportunities since lockdown began. The team have independently ensured both water and simple rations of food have been provided to these needy families from their own supplies as there is no government involvement or aid. Many of the staff share their homes with the students and their families, playing sports together and enjoying time of fellowship.

Two teachers are leaving the school, to study for degrees, so the team are praying that suitable replacements can be found quickly. Please join us in praying that these vacancies are filled. COVID-19 vaccines are not yet available, although 10 to 12 graders have now been allowed to return to school. Classes 7 to 9 and primary school children continue to learn online from home, and are cared for by their parents.

The school in Delhi is committed to providing quality education for Afghan refugee teenagers and prepare them for the Indian National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and America General Education Development (GED) examinations through a rigorous academic programme.

The hope and expectation of the school is to eventually become independent of external support, and actively encourage one another with creative ideas to achieve this dream, including selling paintings created by the students.

Rob Holmes and Mark Allwright were invited to meet the staff and students in 2020. Many of you shared with us the heartbreak when we closed our office in Afghanistan in 2018 so we give thanks for answer to our prayers to now open a new door to our Afghan brothers and sisters, a perfect match for WIN to work in partnership with the school.

We have eight girls and seven boys who need your help right now; please join us in praying that supporters will come forward for these children. Please also lift up the WIN Delhi team in prayer and pray that the needs of the families that they serve are met.

If you feel able to sponsor a child at this time please visit our Child Sponsorship page, or our Strategic Sponsorship page to support a teacher at the school to benefit all the students.


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