The blessing of Child Sponsorship

March 2, 2023

How sponsorship has made a difference to one girl, Ferus

The World in Need Child Sponsorship programme is aimed at changing the lives of children and their families through providing essential support both physical and spiritual. For our children who are sponsored through the programme, it means accessing education that they would otherwise simply not be able to join. The sponsorship has a significant impact on the child and their family, giving them nutritious food and access to healthcare, as well as coming alongside them to help them achieve their goals. Central to all the work we do is the teaching of the Gospel, which gives them a hope for the future and a grounding in the love of Christ.

The messages and love that our children receive through the Gospel and through the letters from their sponsors, show them and their families that they are valuable and loved. They have the opportunity to develop plans for the future that lift them out of the trap of poverty that they find themselves in. One such story is that of Ferus, who joined the sponsorship programme in Uganda when she was young.

Through sponsorship, Ferus received a place at school and everything needed to pursue her education, healthcare, regular meals, and regular communication from her sponsors, transforming her life. The sponsors always encouraged Ferus through the letters, to study hard, telling her how important it is to have good professional training in order to reach her higher goals in life. Ferus shocked everyone when she finished Senior Six and said she wanted to go to university. This meant lots of expense.

Ferus completed her degree in December 2022. Her family is very proud of her and so thankful for her sponsors’ encouragement and support which enabled Ferus to reach one of her most  important goals and completely transform her life and that of her family.

"After these many years of sponsorship," Ferus says, “I think the relationship I have with my sponsors is very good. They never stopped writing letters to me since I was a little kid and never stopped sending money to me monthly. They have supported me and my family in many aspects. When I shared my dream of joining Kyambogo University with my sponsors they joined my dream and supported me even when it was very expensive.”

If you would like to support a child, please visit our World in Need Child Sponsorship Programme.


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