Why child sponsorship matters

February 20, 2021

How child sponsorship makes a difference

In a world where the most vulnerable are often passed by, children trapped in poverty are often the ones most at risk of suffering from the lack of basic needs that each of us should enjoy. Regular nourishing food, clean water, a safe home, and consistent education are simply not available for many of the children in the countries in which our teams work. Through our partnership with pastors and ministry teams, World in Need is working to bring hope and transformation to children living in poverty.

Sponsoring a child gives the children we serve the knowledge that they are cared about and loved… that they matter.  The difference that sponsoring a child makes is the awareness that they can now have a future different to the one that has been available to them so far. World in Need’s child sponsorship program works to bring the light and love of Jesus into the lives of the most vulnerable through physical, practical support, helping children in nine countries.

If you would like to change a child’s life today with the gift of child sponsorship please visit our Child Sponsorship page.


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