WIN Punjab receives a new buffalo

September 20, 2021

Milk and cheese will be on the menu again

At WIN Punjab orphanage in India, prayers have been answered by the provision of funds to buy a new buffalo, replacing one which passed away last year. We are so grateful to Blackwood Engineering Trust for their donation that has made this possible.

Blackwood Engineering supply counterweights and casting products to global customers in the construction industry, and since 1997 several Chinese and Indian partners have contributed to the continuing success of the business. Acknowledging this, the company wanted to pay this forward, so the Blackwood Engineering Trust was established in 2015, with objectives of benefitting and advancing the education of children and young people in need due to poverty, bereavement, sickness or disability.

Preparations for the buffalo have been meticulous. The school paid a farmer to use his tractor to break the soil. They planted an acre of buffalo food, planning for at least three months worth food supply of the grass fodder, known as berseem. A buffalo eats five buckets of food in one meal, and they’ve also needed to buy husk, or tursi, which the buffalo chews to digest the fodder. The berseem is now ready, after three months of growth.

Providing the children with safe milk from the buffalo is a huge benefit and gives great peace of mind; especially after instances where milk previously supplied has been polluted with pond water or arrowroot powder, making the milk appear thick again after all the nutrients have been taken out. The milk from the buffalo will also supply the children with cheese and yoghurt. A special diet is given to the buffalo initially, to ensure her milk doesn’t curdle, and every effort is being made to give the buffalo a great quality of life, with diligent care and cleaning. All the children are involved, giving them invaluable life experience of farming processes and animal care.

Additional funds were also raised that has seen repair to the water and sewage pumps at the WIN Punjab orphanage, which is home to 16 boys. During the pandemic the campus has been closed to visitors. The staff and children have stayed free of Covid 19 and have only been making trips off campus to source food and supplies to supplement their chickens and vegetables that they grow. Trips however, have sometimes been difficult due to aggressive police control and persecution. Please pray for continued provision for the staff and children at this home and God's protection over them.


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