Communities in Northern Uganda to get fresh water

July 18, 2021

Funds are now in place to purchase a new well

Thanks to the kind donations of our supporters and generous support from The Slavanka Trust, the World in Need team in Northern Uganda are able to start building a much needed well.

Typically villagers in Northern Uganda have to travel long distances to get their water, sometimes walking for up to 10km. Women and children face possible attacks on these journeys on top of the basic struggle of carrying the water back home. The new well will provide water to a number of communities in the area and allow the people living there to collect their water free from the fear of attack and without the draining physical effort day in day out. Delivering water to over 1,000 villagers, the difference this well will make in the lives of these people is huge; providing this essential commodity for food preparation, hygiene and hydration.

The target £8,500 for this project was met by £2,000 from the Slavanka Trust and the rest raised by our faithful supporters. The Slavanka Trust chose to support the Uganda Well Project as part of its mission in partnering with other Christian organisations and providing essential assistance with missional development.

WIN Northern Uganda have the finest construction engineers and administration teams that operate on the ground to ensure excellent construction of the well, with timely and cost effective project management to ensure the maximum benefit to the surrounding villages. Our UK and Northern Ugandan teams are experienced in organising well placement and drilling so that working together we ensure that never is a penny wasted when drilling a well.

Below is a picture of a World in Need funded well which transformed the lives of villagers in another area. Typically these wells are fenced off so wild animals cannot come too close and contaminate the water supply.


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