WIN's mission continues in Pakistan despite the dangers

January 7, 2022

Staff are still seeking to provide help in the community

WIN’s work in Pakistan remains largely covert, due to opposition and the dangers of persecution. Despite the very real dangers to Christians in this country - false blasphemy accusations, religiously motivated murders, abductions, forced conversions, and intimidation, the team here have continued to support the needs of the community where they are able. WIN staff have been concentrating on food distribution to try and help as many as possible through the continuing hardship which has been made worse than ever by the effects of Covid.

We give thanks for the bravery of the WIN team and their heart to feed the hungry, help the poor and tell them about Jesus in this high-risk area of the world. Recently they have started working with an orphanage and have supplied locally sourced blankets, duvets, tables, chairs, and food supplies to help them. We need more sponsors for the orphaned girls and monthly support for the orphanage staff.

If you feel you would like to contribute to this vital work and are able to support a child through sponsorship please visit our Child Sponsorship page and choose Pakistan as your preferred country. If you are able to support the orphanage manager through sponsorship please visit our Strategic Sponsorship page. The manager's picture is unavailable for security reasons. Our team values your prayers for their safety and for this important mission field.


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